General Information

The IRIS 22 Conference will be held in Keuruu, Finland on August 7 to August 10, 1999. 

The IRIS (Information systems Research seminar In Scandinavia) began in 1978 as an annual working seminar for Scandinavian researchers in information systems. Over the years we have been happy to see an increasing number of participants both from within and from outside Scandinavia. After its first few meetings in Finland, the seminar now alternates between the Scandinavian countries.

The IRIS Conference has several purposes. The conference is first of all an arena for Scandinavian researchers to meet and to exchange research ideas and results. It is a place with a very open intellectual climate based on a uniquely long history of IS research. The IRIS Conference is one of the oldest annual conferences in the world within information systems.

IRIS 22 is a working conference. This means that the success of the conference largely depends on the active involvement of the participants.

This is the second year where the conference is arranged in collaboration with the new IRIS Association. This is reflected in the ambition that the conference should be a forum for all IS researchers in the Scandinavian countries and some of their non-Scandinavian colleagues. There will be keynote addresses, programme statements from new Scandinavian full professors, parallel sessions with workshops and paper presentations, and working groups where submitted papers are given critical feed-back.

The conference will focus on research in collaboration with industry. It is our impression that much Scandinavian IS research is conducted together with industrial partners. We therefore strongly encourage paper and workshop submissions related to this area in general, but also with an emphasis of: funding, research approach and methodology, relationship between university and industry, research results, and implications for IS research.

Call for Research Papers

Research papers of up to 20 pages are solicited. Authors should use the
provided  template (and nothing else) and submit their paper for review
by using this web site before April 1. All the submissions for review will be handled through a web based submission system.

Please follow the link to  on-line IRIS submission and review system

However, the final versions of accepted papers must be submitted by June
7 using the IRIS22 email address (

Call for Workshop Proposals

Proposals for workshops should be send by email to before April 1. Proposals should contain information on: theme, purpose, intended participants, required preparation, programme, organisers.

Important dates

  • April 1: Junior participants have to submit a preliminary paper by April 1, in order to attend the seminar.
  • Senior participants are welcome to attend without a paper, but are of course strongly encouraged to submit. 
  • May 10: Deadline for submission of reviews.
  • May 17: Notification of acceptance.
  • June 7: Deadline for submission of the final version.
  • June 25: Deadline for registration.
  • August 7 to 10: IRIS 22 Conference.