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    The IRIS 22 conference papers have been allocated to working groups (see Section "WORKING GROUPS" below). Authors of papers are by default in those working groups where their papers are. If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the IRIS 22 conference chair Timo Käkölä (

    Participants without papers have not been allocated to working groups. They should contact the conference chair a.s.a.p. and tell in which working group they want to work, if they have not yet done so.

    Preparing for the working groups

    You should read as many of the papers as you can to maximally contribute to and benefit from the conference. There will be plenty of time for discussion. You should at least read the 6-7 papers in your working group. To facilitate discussion and ensure useful feedback to the authors, the following rules apply: (1) If you are an author of a paper you should pay particular attention to the paper listed after your own paper. (2) If you are participating without a paper you should pay particular attention to at least two papers of your own choice from your working group.

    Authors should not prepare extensive oral presentations. A five minute presentation is usually enough as the basis for discussion. If the weather permits, the working group sessions will be held outside. Overhead projectors are thus unlikely to be available.

    Please note that in IRIS 22 the printed proceedings will be delivered only at the conference site. The papers are available in PDF (Acrobat)-format below.


    Virtual communities (Chair: Pertti Järvinen)

    New Characteristics of Virtual Phenomena, Especially of Virtual Organizations
    Pertti Järvinen and Pentti Kerola

  • JarvinenPertti_iris22P6.pdf (30851 bytes)

    On the Creation of Social Capital in a Virtual Community: A Case Study
    Per-Olof Ågren

  • Agren_(rtf)_r369.pdf (34768 bytes)

    E-politics: What's going on? The case of the Finnish Parliamentary elections in 1999
    Pekka Reijonen

  • Reijonen_epol_prF.pdf (59176 bytes)

    Some Reflections about Virtual Organisations
    Wolf-Gideon Bleek and Julian Mack

  • BleekMack_R245-final.pdf (29815 bytes)

    Virtual communities
    Mathias Klang and Stefan Olsson

  • KlangOlssonFinal.pdf (40693 bytes)

    Getting Acquainted: Learning communities and collaborative distance learning
    Joan Greenbaum and Lars Svensson

  • Greenbaum_r335final.pdf (45937 bytes)

    A Critical Look at Knowledge Creation
    Dick Stenmark, Mathias Klang, Stefan Olsson

  • OlssonKlangStenmark_R318.pdf (48279 bytes)

    Software Process Improvement (Chair: Peter Axel Nielsen)

    Diffusing Software-based Technologies with a Software Factory Approach for Software Development: A Theoretical Framework
    Lim, Ngang-Kwang, Ang, S. K. James, and Pavri, F.N.

  • Lim_R284revised.pdf (53945 bytes)

    Including Human Element in Change Models: Operationalizing the Concept of Commitment in Software Process Improvement Initiatives
    Pekka Abrahamsson

  • Abrahamsson_r246.pdf (130349 bytes)

    Guidelines on Conducting Software Process Improvement Studies in Industry
    Erik Arisholm, Bente Anda, Magne Jørgensen and Dag I.K. Sjøberg

  • Anda_R328.pdf (49889 bytes)

    Supporting Software Process Improvement with Project Assessments
    Jesper Arent, Jakob H. Iversen, Carsten V. Andersen and Stig Bang

  • Arent_Iversen_Bang_Andersen_ProjectAssessment.pdf (64132 bytes)

    Engineering and Cultivation of a Metrics Programme
    Jakob H. Iversen and Lars Mathiassen

  • IversenMathiassen_Eng_Cult_Metr.pdf (46495 bytes)

    Adaptability: The enabler of reuse
    Pentti Virtanen

  • VirtanenPentti_R256.pdf (60105 bytes)

    Toward Successful ISD in Developing Countries: First Results from a Nigerian Risk Study Using the Delphi Method
    Anja Mursu, HA Soriyan, KC Olufokunbi and Mikko Korpela

  • Mursu_R360.pdf (75373 bytes)

    IT Diffusion and standardisation (Chair: John King)

    Methodology Choice and Adoption: Using the Diffusion of Innovations Theory (DOI) as the Theoretical Framework
    Erja Mustonen-Ollila

  • Mustonen-Ollila_R273.pdf (95180 bytes)

    A stage model of intranet technology implementation and management
    Jan Damsgaard and Rens Scheepers

  • ScheepersDamsgaard_rsjdiris22.pdf (63556 bytes)

    The Computer-Ndaba experience: Introducing IT in a rural community in South Africa
    Helana Scheepers

  • ScheepersHelana.pdf (66275 bytes)

    The Dynamics of Standard Setting
    Vladislav Fomin

  • Fomin_iris99_w60_new.pdf (40642 bytes)

    Factors that Influence Growth of Teledensity in Least Developed Countries
    Victor Mbarika

  • Mbarika_R359.pdf (41632 bytes)

    Does Everybody Want IT? How can we get everybody involved in the IT society of the future?
    Kristina Johansson, Emma Sorbring, Tomas Stegberg

  • Stegberg_R381.pdf (80419 bytes)

    Information Infrastructure (Chair: Kristin Braa)

    Planet Internet: Challenges Facing Informatics
    Kristin Braa, Carsten Sørensen, Bo Dahlbom

  • Braa_IRIS22.pdf (59119 bytes)

    Information Infrastructure in Use: An empirical study at a radiology department
    Ole Hanseth and Nina Lundberg

  • HansethLundberg_R389.pdf (120887 bytes)

    Supporting computer supported cooperative work: A case study from telemedicine
    Margunn Johansen, Ole Hanseth, Trond Buanes, Jan Sigurd Røtnes

  • JohansenHanseth.pdf (41138 bytes)

    Information Infrastructure Transition: Challenges with implementing standardised checklists
    Knut H. Rolland

  • Rolland_R221-final.pdf (267172 bytes)

    Project's IS and the Process of Procurement
    Antti Tuomisto and Sari Vesiluoma

  • Tuomisto_iris_at_sv.pdf (57196 bytes)

    Network Management: Issues in Local Area Network Management
    Seppo Sirkemaa

  • Sirkemaa_R230B.pdf (41226 bytes)

    Cooperative Design (Chair: Erik Stolterman)

    The Image of the Human Being in Information Systems Development: Some Reflections by Systems Designers
    Hannakaisa Isomäki

  • Isomäki.pdf (59650 bytes)

    The Factors in ICT Development - Computing Professional's View
    Tarja Kuosa

  • Kuosa.pdf (32937 bytes)

    Designers' Role Orientations in User- and System-Centered Design Phases
    Jarmo Sarkkinen

  • Sarkkinen.pdf (65290 bytes)

    Truth Is a Thing of This World: A Foucaultian Analysis of the Discoursive Construction and Constitution of Cooperative Design
    Sisse Finken

  • FinkenSisse-Foucault.pdf (38727 bytes)

    Co-constructing shared understandings of work practice for system design: The interplay of views
    Helena Karasti

  • Karasti_Final.pdf (179167 bytes)

    Talking Design: Co-Construction and the Use of Representations in Software Development
    Yvonne Dittrich and Kari Rönkkö

  • RönkköDittrich_R261.pdf (55593 bytes)

    Constructing time - design and development of new media
    Joan Greenbaum and Dagny Stuedahl

  • StuedahlGreenbaum_ConstructingTime.pdf (47206 bytes)

    IS Design and Support for Decision-Making (Co-Chairs: Mogens Kuhn Pedersen and Kuldeep Kumar)

    Good games: A new perspective on problem situations in the design of complex information systems
    Antti Ainamo

  • Ainamo.pdf (33741 bytes)

    Scenarios for multidisciplinary design purposes: Experiences earned
    Jens Bergqvist, Staffan Björk, Martin Börjesson, and Peter Ljungstrand

  • Börjesson_R337.pdf (70496 bytes)

    Designing the Design: Need-based Storyboard Adaptation for Multimedia Systems Design
    Rikke Orngreen and Jan Pries-Heje

  • Orngreen_R355.pdf (435777 bytes)

    What's Wrong with Business Games? Is Budget Based Decision-Making up to Date?
    Timo Lainema

  • LainemaTimo.pdf (88752 bytes)

    The definition of work roles within organisations
    Peter Larkin and Edward Gould

  • Gould_work-roles.pdf (31497 bytes)

    Relational versus multidimensional databases as a foundation for online analytical processing: Lessons from two case studies
    David Dodds, Helen Hasan and Edward Gould

  • Gould_MDDB.pdf (27118 bytes)

    Electronic Commerce and IS Planning (Co-Chairs: Pål Sorgaard and Virpi Tuunainen)

    To What Extent Does the Tacit Knowledge Embodied in a Technology Product Limit Its Electronic Commerce Potential?
    Rainer Breite, Kaj U. Koskinen, Pekka Pihlanto and Hannu Vanharanta

  • Koskinen.pdf (37683 bytes)

    Electronic Commerce in Scientific, Technical and Medical Publishing: an industry analysis with focus on intermediation and disintermediation
    Ada Scupola

  • Scupola_R348FinalRevised.pdf (47845 bytes)

    Obstacles to proliferation of electronic commerce - analysis of Finnish travel industry
    Pirjo Järvelä, Jyri Loikkanen, Markku Tinnilä and Virpi Kristiina Tuunainen

  • TinniläLoikkanenJärveläTuunainen_IRIS99travel.pdf (46835 bytes)

    Planning and Managing Strategic Information Systems Project: A Case study on IS quality process in ABC
    Olayele Adelakun

  • Adelakun_iris99-2.pdf (38166 bytes)

    One Unordinary Major Opportunity with Several Ordinary Small Barriers
    Pekka Turunen & Eino Kämäräinen & Elina Syrjänen

  • Turunen_R305.pdf (56151 bytes)

    Information and IS strategy, security, and property (Co-Chairs: Ton Spil and Hannu Salmela)

    The fall of Strategic Information Systems Planning and the rise of a dynamic IS Strategy
    Ton A.M. Spil and Hannu Salmela

  • SpilSalmela_R301.pdf (58696 bytes)

    Property Rights in the MP3 Era
    Antonio Cordella and Mathias Klang

  • CordellaKlang.pdf (30275 bytes)

    Four Approaches to Construction of Information Security Guidelines
    Mikko T. Siponen

  • Siponen_R270.pdf (49716 bytes)

    Observations on information security crisis
    Jussipekka Leiwo

  • leiwo_r234.pdf (45139 bytes)

    Information as Property
    Mathias Klang

  • Klang.pdf (26839 bytes)

    The relevance of software rights - an anthology of the divergence of socio-political doctrines
    Mikko T. Siponen

  • Siponen_R271_SWrights.pdf (39334 bytes)

    Mobile Informatics and Mobile Computing (Chair: Fredrik Ljungberg)

    Embodied Systems: Introducing General-purpose Wearable Computers
    Daniel Fällman

  • Fällman_R165.pdf (45731 bytes)

    Location Awareness and Local Mobility: Exploring Proximity Awareness
    Jens Bergqvist, Per Dahlberg, Henrik Fagrell, Johan Redström

  • dahlberg_R327.pdf (50237 bytes)

    Attention all mobile users!
    John Olav Olsen and Jo Herstad

  • OlsenHerstad_R274-final.pdf (35974 bytes)

    Augmenting reality in mobile substrates: On the design of computer support for process control
    Olav W. Bertelsen and Christina Nielsen

  • Bertelsen_R377-fin.pdf (38718 bytes)

    Mobile Use of IT
    Steinar Kristoffersen and Fredrik Ljungberg

  • Kristoffersen_Ljungberg_R317.pdf (169997 bytes)

    Tailor to Fit It
    Jo Herstad and Do van Thanh

  • Herstad_R260-final.pdf (177157 bytes)

    Extending the modality of travelling: Designing travelling support for mobile IT users
    Mikael Wiberg

  • Wiberg_R241.pdf (109647 bytes)

    Knowledge Management and Health Care (Chair: Claudio Ciborra)

    Aspects of Awareness in Constructing a Common Information space
    Ulrika Josefsson

  • Josefsson_R320.pdf (48691 bytes)

    IT-Support for Teamwork in Care Processes
    Agneta Nilsson

  • Nilsson_W109.pdf (50551 bytes)

    IT-based Business Process Redesign - Example from Public Health Care Case: Satakunta Macro Pilot
    Elina Syrjänen and Pekka Turunen

  • Syrjanen_R235 revised.pdf (39774 bytes)

    MIS in local government health care organizations: An integrated actor network and institutional approach
    Kåre Lines

  • LinesFinal.pdf (38613 bytes)

    IT support in a Knowledge Management Process: A Field Study of a Quality Support Group in a Pharmaceutical Company
    Ulrika Snis

  • Snis.pdf (47295 bytes)

    Hospitality and IT
    Claudio U. Ciborra

  • Ciborra_hospitality_2new.pdf (36242 bytes)

    Knowledge Management and CSCW (Chair: Gunilla Bradley)

    New organisational forms can emerge when CSCW systems are implemented in the Swedish Social Insurance Board
    Kerstin Grundén

  • Grunden_artlnIRISB.pdf (71320 bytes)

    Knowledge Management: When will People Enter the Debate
    Jacky Swan, Maxine Robertson, Sue Newell

  • Robertson_R297WD6.pdf (55859 bytes)

    Let's talk about news: Supporting the editorial process at a radio station
    Kerstin Forsberg & Henrik Fagrell

  • FagrellLetsTalkAboutNewsFinal.pdf (61865 bytes)

    Designing Artifacts for context awareness
    Mikael Wiberg and Charlotte Olsson

  • Olsson_Wiberg_R243.pdf (43053 bytes)

    Know-how when No Time: Supporting Learning among Knowledge Workers
    Maria Magnusson, Pia Stahl-Falck, Lars Svensson

  • SvenssonStahl-FalckMagnusson_R316.pdf (37284 bytes)

    IS Use (Co-Chairs: Judith Gregory and Tone Bratteteig)

    Making Sense of Ambiguity in IT-Adaptation: An Interpretive Case Study of First Class in Social Services
    Ola Henfridsson

  • Henfridsson_R311.pdf (44949 bytes)

    The Emergence of a Software Support System: Making Sense of an 'Ad Hoc' Approach to IT-adaptation
    Ola Henfridsson and Greger Lundström

  • Henfridsson-Lundstrom_R341.pdf (51871 bytes)

    Human Action in Context: A Discussion of Theories for Understanding Use of IT
    Tone Bratteteig & Judith Gregory

  • BratteteigGregory-v17.pdf (125614 bytes)

    What do artifacts mean to us in work?
    Nina Lundberg and Tone Irene Sandahl

  • LundbergSandahl_R382.pdf (33329 bytes) <

    Towards Critical Information Use in Mobile Work
    Ann Johansson

  • Johansson_r387.pdf (30000 bytes)

    Understanding alarms: A first step in the development of a new alarm system
    Hans Tap & Marcus Svensson

  • Tap_R263.pdf (168953 bytes)

    Bridging the design and use of IS (Chair: Piotr Krawczyk)

    On the object and process of software product development
    Pentti Kolari

  • Kolari_R370.pdf (49981 bytes)

    The Rhythm of Techno: Understanding the Method Applied
    Gunnar Rimmel

  • Rimmel_TheRhthym ofTechno.pdf (25720 bytes)

    Intelligent Software Agents: Implications for Marketing in eCommerce
    Michel Clement, Gunnar Rimmel, Matthias Runte

  • Rimmel_IntelligentSoftwareAgents.pdf (133425 bytes)

    Co-Constructive Information Systems: An Alternative for Customer-oriented Organizations
    Rikard Lindgren and Erik Ersson

  • Lidgren_R239Final.pdf (50341 bytes)

    Shopping Web-shoppingWeb-shopWeb-selling Selling: Teaching Software Development together with Work Practice Studies
    Yvonne Dittrich

  • Dittrich_R281.pdf (39005 bytes)

    Development of IT/IS Skills for New Forms of Organisations: A Challenge for Educators?
    L.A. von Hellens, S.H. Nielsen, A.Greenhill, R. Pringle

  • vonhellens.pdf (29547 bytes)

    Human-Computer Interaction and ISD methods (Chair: Markku Nurminen)

    Review of HCI Research: Focus on cognitive aspects and used research methods
    Jouni Huotari and Janne Kaipala

  • KaipalaHuotari_R280final.pdf (71904 bytes)

    Automatic Analysis and Visualization of Stylistic Genres
    Erik Johannesson and Christopher Wallström

  • Wallström_Johannesson_R315.pdf (108747 bytes)

    Creating virtual objects
    Antti Pirhonen

  • Pirhonen_R247.pdf (230985 bytes)

    Virtual information representation
    Daniel Skog and Markus Söderlund

  • Skog_vir.pdf (57805 bytes)

    On the Concept of Method in Information Systems Development
    Stefan Cronholm and Pär J. Ågerfalk

  • Cronholm.pdf (30516 bytes)

    Encapsulation or Availability: On the Combination of Objects and Relations in Systems Development
    Pär J. Ågerfalk

  • Ågerfalk_R248Final.pdf (107772 bytes)

    IS evaluation and WWW (Chair: Carsten Sorensen)

    Link management in technical customer documentation An exploratory study
    Anneli Heimbürger

  • Heimburger_iris.pdf (45562 bytes)

    In the Path of the Pioneers: Longitudinal Study of Web News Genre
    Lars Bo Eriksen and Carina Ihlström

  • EriksenIhlstöm.pdf (55460 bytes)

    Web Navigation Architectures: Browser, Application, Server or Embedded?
    Carsten Sørensen, Daniel Macklin, Tony Beaumont

  • Sorensen_R300.pdf (116367 bytes)

    Improving the Success of Information Systems by Evaluation: A Learning Approach
    Petri Hallikainen, HKKK

  • HallikainenPetri_Eval.pdf (68327 bytes)

    A Methodology for Intranet Search Engine Evaluation
    Dick Stenmark

  • Stenmark_iris22m6.pdf (48741 bytes)

    Capturing Tacit Knowledge using Recommender Systems
    Dick Stenmark

  • Stenmark_iris22w6.pdf (76868 bytes)